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Buttstock AR15 / M16 / M4 Style - Shock Absorbing / Cheek Rest

FAB Defense

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  • The GL-SHOCK CP Shock Absorbing Buttstock in AR15 / M4 / M16 style with adjustable cheek rest contains a recoil-reducing mechanism with a built-in premium silicon chrome alloy spring creating a State-of-the-Art stock for your rifle or pump gun.


    • Unique patented “Anti-Rattle” mechanism
    • Sleek new design with no protruding parts, will not get caught on gear and webbing
    • Unique new slick and quick operated inversed positioning lever
    • Integral ribbed rubber butt pad with a non-slip design
    • Integrated quick detach “QD” sling swivel connectors on both sides
    • Watertight battery storage for two CR123A 3V Lithium batteries or AA 1.5 V batteries
    • Fits perfectly on both tubes - MIL-SPEC and commercial after-market
    • Made from Mill-Spec reinforced polymer composite.
    • Includes adjustable cheek rest GSCP

    Suitable for:

    • MIL-SPEC and commercial after-market buffer tubes


    • Material: Mill-Spec reinforced polymer composite
    • Weight: 399 g
    • Width: 66 mm
    • Height: 33 mm
    • Length: 180 mm
    • Height (Open / Deployed): 163 mm

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  • FAB Defense

    FAB Defense

    FAB-Defense® is a registered trademark of FAB Manufacturing & Import of Industrial Equipment Ltd. Fab Defense in Israel.
    FAB-Defense® is mostly common for their various accessories for all kinds of rifles and pistols. Since its inception, FAB-Defense® has been leading in development and manufacture of the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and weapon accessories for the State of Israel’s Military and Police.
    FAB-Defense® works worldwide together with Special Forces and SWAT teams to develop creative, ability enhancing and practical solutions for the Law Enforcement sector. Operational field trials are essential for the tactical accessory development and have a considerable influence on the production standards.

    Some of the best-known products are the KPOS-Scout, KPOS- G2, T-Pod G2 bipod, PTK and VTS grips as well as all the different rail systems, buttstocks and grips for rifles and shotguns.

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