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CZ P-10 C R (Level 2) M1 Holster for CZ Pistols


  • CZ P-10 C  R  (Level 2)  M1 Holster for CZ Pistols
  • CZ P-10 C  R  (Level 2)  M1 Holster for CZ Pistols
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  • FAB DEFENSE Scorpus - CZ P-10 C (Level 2) M1 Retention Holster for CZ Pistols - CZP10CR

    • The ‘SCORPUS CZ P-10 C R is a rugged and innovative ‘level 2’ holster that would perfectly fit your firearm.
    • It is designed for a fast, smooth draw and easy re-holster without slowing you down.
    • The unique lock release mechanism provides ideal weapon security and is positioned to automatically facilitate a correct drawing motion, making it the perfect Level 2 retention holster.
    • The M1 holster is FAB Defense first and most familiar holster configuration
    • The M1 has interchangeable belt adapters and Cant adjustment of 20 degrees, the holster can easily change from zero Cant up to ±10 degrees, enabling the operator to customize the holster for his specific needs and modes of carry.
    • Scorpus® Level 2 Retention System- features two separate opposing retention devices that capture the trigger guard of the handgun, one pressure activated locking lever and one spring based retention device.
    • This combined system ensures that even when the locking lever is deactivated by the operator, the handgun is still held by the spring based retention device.
    • To draw the handgun, the operator must firmly hold the grip, push on the pressure activated locking lever and then perform a clean draw.


    • Excellent handgun protection in a slim and streamlined design
    • The Scorpus® Level 2 Retention System - Featuring two separate mechanisms, for truly secure hand gun retention.
    • Special finger channel design, keeps index finger safely positioned during draw
    • Holster supplied with two interchangeable belt adapters; Paddle and Belt Loop
    • Features a secure 20 degree Cant adjustment option for both belt adapters
    • Belt loop adjustable to fit wide variety of belts, 34-72 mm(1.3”-2.8”)
    • Durable fiberglass reinforced polymer composite construction

    Suitable for:

    • CZ P-10 C

    Not fit for:

    • CZ P-10 C OR


    • Right Hand holster
    • Colour: black
    • Material: Durable fiberglass reinforced polymer composite
    • Weight: 143 g
    • Width: 51 mm
    • Hight: 128 mm
    • Length: 83 mm

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    • CZ P-10 C / 9mm
  • Scorpus


    Scorpus ist eine Marke von FAB Defense Israel.

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