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Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)

  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
  • Quickshield - Casual (protective shield)
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  • QUICKSHIELD - Casual (Protective Shield)

    • The QUICKSHIELD is a feather-light and modern further development of the fist shield. it is perfectly suited for spontaneous and lightning-fast operations by security forces in various fields.
    • The QUICKSHIELD-Casual is a protective shield for defence against knives, sticks and other attacks, which can be carried concealed and not visible in a leisure bag.
    • Due to its inconspicuous casual look, it can be carried for covert use in security areas as well as for private walks.
    • With its unique locking system, the QUICKSHIELD - Casual can be detached from the belt holster or carrying strap with just one hand.
    • Attacks with knives, sticks or broken glass bottles can be safely repelled at any time.
    • The QUICKSHIELD-Casual can also be used to protect your face from other projetiles or spit attacks.
    • For tactical use on the body, the carrying strap / shoulder strap can be permanently removed. A matching belt holster is included for this purpose.

    Fields of application:

    • Defence against cutting and stabbing weapons such as sticks, knives, glass bottles etc.
    • Defence against projectiles such as stones , bottles etc.
    • Defence against spitting attacks
    • Defence against blows from fists
    • Defence against dogs
    • Concealed holding of defensive weapons such as an extendable stock or pepper spray, for a de-escalating appearance.
    • Krav-Maga / self-defence training

    Scope of delivery:

    • Shield made of fibre-reinforced polycarbonate
    • Leisure holster with unique quickrelease system for quick release from the body
    • Holster with quickrelease system for attachment to the belt


    • Weight: 650 g (shield incl. handle and pouch)
    • Width: 60 mm
    • Height: 230 mm
    • Length: 230 mm
    • Shield material: glass fibre reinforced polycarbonate
    • Bag material: water-repellent and abrasion-resistant nylon

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