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Defense Trigger for AK 47 / AK 74 and Variants

ALG Defense

  • Defense Trigger for AK 47 / AK 74 and Variants
  • Defense Trigger for AK 47 / AK 74 and Variants
  • Defense Trigger for AK 47 / AK 74 and Variants
  • Defense Trigger for AK 47 / AK 74 and Variants
  • Defense Trigger for AK 47 / AK 74 and Variants
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    • The ALG AK Trigger (AKT)
    • is a single stage trigger designed for the AK47 and AK74 variant platforms.
    • The AKT features a smoother and shorter trigger pull than the stock trigger and is ideal for combat and home defense use.
    • It is machined from triple alloy steel and has a corrosion resistant Manganese Phosphate finish.
    • The AKT features the Lightning Bow, which produces a very comfortable feel to the user over the stock trigger, while enhancing trigger control.
    • For OEMs and builders, the AKT lends three parts towards 922(r) Compliance.

    Art: Drop-In,Semi-Auto,Single-Hook
    Modell: AK-47,AK-74
    Weight: 0,095kg
    Hight: 25mm
    Width: 108mm
    Length: 140mm

    Article Details
    Made in USA

    • Note: The ALG AKT (EL/UL) is not compatible with the 12 Gauge and 308 / 7.62x54r variants

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    AK-47 / AK-74

    • AK-47 (milled receiver) Variants
    • AK-47 / AKM / AK-74 (Stamped Receiver) Variants
      • Cugir WS1- 63 / WS1- 63SB
      • SDM AK-47 CHINA
      • SDM AK-47 RUSS
    • AKMS (under-folder) Stamped Receiver Variants
      • Cugir WS1- 64
      • SDM AKS-47 RUSS
      • SDM AKS-74
    • AKS-74U (Krinkov) Variants
  • ALG Defense

    ALG Defense

    ALG Defense is a woman-owned company that was founded by Amy Lynn Geissele in 2012. The focus of the company is the production of trigger units for various weapons. As a sister company to Geissele Automatics, the same manufacturing and engineering teams are utilized to deliver the most cost effective and highest quality products available. ALG's experience is resourced from all over the industry; everything from the everyday target shooter to providing equipment to various branches of the special forces as a registered defence contractor. ALG Defense is focused on providing a superior customer service experience and product in one affordable package. All backed by an industry leading lifetime warranty.