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AR-15 - .223 REM / 5.56 x 45 mm rifle MIL-SPEC (Standard Buffer Tube)

DPM Systems

  • AR-15 - .223 REM / 5.56 x 45 mm rifle MIL-SPEC (Standard Buffer Tube)
  • AR-15 - .223 REM / 5.56 x 45 mm rifle MIL-SPEC (Standard Buffer Tube)
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    The Recoil Buffer Assembly is a direct replacement of the stock buffer and no modification is required. Reduction of recoil is accomplished due to the patented Multiple springs & counterweights mechanism. The system produces advanced recoil reduction by gradually slowing down the bolt carrier before stopping in the bottom of the tube.
    Included also two extra buffer springs, two counterweight springs and an extra heavier counterweight. The shooter can fine tune the rifle cycle and the recoil according to the type of ammuntion and further secure the correct bolt locking.

    Overall Advantages

    • Full user adjustability
    • Bolt and frame protection
    • Significant recoil reduction
    • Elimination of jams
    • Faster follow up shots
    • Better double-tap concentration
    • Better control and greater accuracy
    • Correct locking bolt

    Fit: AR-15
    Caliber: .223 REM / 5.56 x 45 mm Gewehre MIL-SPEC
    (Standard Buffer Tube)

    Download User Guide

    Please always use the DPM system with a universal spring!!!

    Download User Guide

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    AR15 / M4 / M16 / AR10

    • Commando 7,5" - 11,5"
      • DAR-15 LAW Advanced
      • H&K MR223 A3 11"
      • OA-15 Black Label C4 Commando
      • OA-15 M7
      • Schmeisser AR15 S4 10,5"
      • SIG516 CQB
      • DAR-15 Whisper Advanced
      • Haenel CR 223 10"
      • OA-15 M10 Kal. 300 Whisper
      • Schmeisser AR 15 .300AAC Blackout 8,5"
      • Schmeisser AR15 S4F 10,5"
    • M4 Carbine 14,5"
      • DAR-15 M4 Advanced
      • H&K MR223 A3 14,5"
      • Haenel CR 223 14,5"
      • OA-15 M4
      • Schmeisser AR15 M4F 14,5"
      • SIG M400 BLACK
      • H&K HK416 A5
      • Haenel CR 223 12,5"
      • OA-15 Black Label M4
      • Schmeisser AR15 M4 14,5"
      • SIG M400
    • M5 Mid Length 16,75"
      • DAR-15 Academy Advanced
      • DAR-15 M5 Advanced
      • DAR-15 IPSC Advanced
      • H&K MR223 A3 16,5"
      • Haenel CR 223 16,5"
      • OA-15 Black Label M5
      • OA-15 Dissipator
      • Schmeisser AR15 Dynamic 16,75
      • Schmeisser AR15 Dynamic L 16,75"
      • Schmeisser AR15 M5 16,75"
      • Schmeisser AR15 M5 FL 16,75"
      • Schmeisser AR15 M5F 16,75"
      • SIG516 PATROL
      • SIG516 PATROL FDE
  • DPM Systems

    DPM Systems

    The DPM Systems Technologies LTD has been founded in Greece in 2003 with the aim to design and develop technological products that improve the operation of all portable defensive weaponry. The design, production, and the assembly of these products are umbrellaed under the legal protection in the Greek Patent Office (Industrial Property Organization) (O.B.I.). Some of the best-known products are the DPM magazine floorplate with integrated glass breaker carbide and the DPM mechanical recoil reduction systems, the only multi spring intricate rod (three springs) systems that reduce not only the recoil but increase also the possibility of controlling the functionality of the gun.

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